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Mit dem Paukenschlag [userpic]
Junior/Senior Prom Benefit: NY/DC Pictures CDs
by Mit dem Paukenschlag (eddiejensen)
at April 3rd, 2006 (07:06 pm)

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Guys...I'm slightly disappointed. For those of you who went on the New York/Washington DC trip, we still are going to do that Photodump. Only now we have a different goal. With the help of some of the Juniors, we are going to compile the best of the best of the NY/DC trip photos and sell them to help us defray the costs of ASA's Prom on Saturday 29 April 2006. Essentially, please help us help you.

With that, we need your NY/DC trip photos! Bring them to me ASAP. I prefer CDs, but I have a memory card reader; therefore, you can bring your memory cards and I'll do the transferring onto CD. (I'll even burn a CD of your pictures for you.)

Now, you're wondering about the finished CDs, right? Further information will be made available in future posts.

Any questions can be directed to me (eddie.jensen@gmail.com) and I'll pass them on to the appropriate people.


Eddie (eddiejensen)
NY/DC Photodump Coordinator