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Kat [userpic]
Mod Post
by Kat (kittehkat)
at July 31st, 2006 (10:55 pm)

Hey, guys. Two and a half things.

I switched the journal to S2, if anyone cares. Anyhow...

Current Students: Are there any upper/lower classmen who would like the take over the moderation of this community? Currently, the most activity it from those who just graduated and it's mostly used by alumni. In an effort to stay in touch with current news and events at the school, I'd urge someone who still attends ASA to offer moderation. I'd be happy to transfer it over to you.

Recent Alumni: I'd just like to mention that once you get your school's email you should join Facebook. A lot of alumni are on there and it keeps you in touch with your classmates. It's kind of like a Myspace without the drama, unlimited pic/album uploads, and networking LJ doesn't offer. I'd urge you to join and friend the alumni you know.

Your moderator,
Kat | kittehkat